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Cosgrave Awards FAQ

You can trust a locally owned family business. Cosgrave Awards -
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 Cosgrave Awards showroom

  1. Introduction

      Cosgrave awards is a manufacturer, supplier, engravers of Trophies and Awards since 1956

  2. Does the Trophy price include engraving and logos?

    1. Engraving and logo production costs are additional
      and will vary depending on your requirements.
      We can quote you a very competitive price for this.
      All laser and computerized engraving and digital printing is done in house.
      Additional charge may also apply to engraving /artwork not received in correct formats.
      (Please see below on "how to send my engraving copy")

  3. What file format do you require for Artwork?

    1. We accept all good quality file formats for the PC.
      Finished products are only as good as the artwork supplied.
      If your artwork needs specific requirements please click here for full artwork details...

  4. How long will my order take for production?

      "The Good Olde 3 Week Delivery"
      In our experience to get quality you expect
      and items you like, 3 weeks
      is the perfect amount of time for
      order processing.

  5. What are your payment options?

    1. Our preferred method of payment is by direct credit to our bank account.
      Unless the Customer is specifically notified about an earlier due date for payment of invoices,
      payment is strictly due prior to collection of goods or our despatch. Please do not get offended if we ask for a screenshot of payment remittance, this is not at any time a reflection of your ability to pay. We ourselves pay our suppliers this way and it helps speed up the overall ordering process.
    2. We accept all major credit cards (mimimum credit card transaction is $25.00, they Incur a 3% Surcharge)
    3. ( For pickup we accept cash/EFTPOS.)
    4. "Sorry we no longer accept cheques for payment.
      Please contact us if this is the only method by which you can pay"
    5. All products are priced in NZ$ and are G.S.T inclusive
    6. If any payment is overdue:
      (a) Cosgrave Awards reserve the right to charge interest on any overdue payment.
      The Customer will upon demand pay to Cosgrave awards interest on any overdue payment at the rate of 1.5% per month, and shall compound from month to month.
      (b) We may at our discretion cancel any agreement with the Customer and refrain
      from making further supplies until the Customer has discharged all
      outstanding indebtedness to Cosgrave Awards.

    How can I contact you?

      Cosgrave Awards
      4 E Charann Place
      Avondale, Auckland, New Zealand
      Talk/Text :021 080 44725

  6. How should I send my engraving copy

    1. Please send your engraving as a spreadsheet or plain text file (see picture below).
      Only include the text you want to appear on each trophy.
      Please remember to use plain text, NO Special Characters, Tabs or Fomatting.
      PLEASE carefully CHECK your ENGRAVING as we output your file straight to our machines.

      All perpetual trophies must be individually labelled with typed year
      and name (no hand written copies) ie 2019 J. Smith
      Attach with cord tag or REMOVABLE label.

     Cosgrave Awards showroom

     Cosgrave Awards showroom

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