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Cosgrave Awards Artwork

You can trust a locally owned family business. Cosgrave Awards -
Your next Presentation with Complete Peace of Mind.

  1. Artwork Requirements:

    1. Artwork is PREFERRED in the following PC formats.
      Coreldraw(.cdr) version 12 or Adobe Illustrator (saved as .ai version 8)
      All digital artwork should be supplied as line art (vector art). For colour artwork please specify the exact PMS colours used. All type must be converted to outlines(curves)

      DO NOT send raster images that are embedded within another file, such as within Microsoft word, Powerpoint, Publisher, etc

      All artwork created on a Macintosh should be saved in a PC format with type converted to outlines.

      Images that contain halftones, tints, greyscales or are intended for process colour separation should have a bitmap resolution of at least 300 pixels-per-inch
      and supplied at finished size or larger. All artwork files should also be emailed in a pdf format for reference.

      Word documents, faxes, photocopies, business cards & letterheads are not considered acceptable artwork and CANNOT BE USED FOR ARTWORK.

      JPEGs, GIFFs, TIFFs and all other bitmap files (not vector based) can be submitted for use at a resolution of NO LESS than
      300 pixels-per-inch and supplied at finished size or larger.

  2. What if I don't have artwork or my artwork is not acceptable?

    1. Cosgrave Awards Graphics staff can help you with your artwork for a charge of $65.00 (plus G.S.T) per hour.

  3. What if I need a PMS Match

    1. Due to inherent technical differences in colour monitors, the colours depicted in the electronic proof will not resemble those in the final product.
      Please specify required PMS colors. We make every effort to match requested colours, bur cannot guarantee a 100% exact match.
      Colours are matched as close as possible to the requested colour but may vary slightly. For this reason an exact PMS match cannot be guaranteed.


    1. The Customer shall be responsible for obtaining
      all neccessary authorities and consents to reproduce
      (non-exhaustively) artwork, photographs, copyright text and the like
      (”Materials”) prior to instructing Cosgrave Awards to reproduce the same.
      Cosgrave Awards may use your finished product including your artwork for advertising
      purposes in our showroom, promotional advertisements including Social media.
      If you DO NOT want Cosgrave Awards to use your finished product
      in our promotion advertising, please let us know in writing.

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